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Insurance Works Broker


‘Customer Priority‘ being the basis for all the phases of our practices and processes, we position our clients in the center of our business model. We know that our core business is to meet their demands and expectations. We act responsibly and on time and we obtain results meeting their expectations. We are always easily accessible for our clients in order to provide better services to them and we always respond quickly to meet their requests usually foreseeing them beforehand and being well prepared.

Insurance Works Broker


We closely follow up the global trends ; the most recent and innovative practices in different sectors. We constantly search new products, warranties and services in the insurance markets abroad to meet the recently emerged insurance needs resulting from this development. We re-structure these new products and implementations based on local business models and local legislation. We always preserve our local focus while increasing our global collaboration network and increasing our capacity to transact business and competencies. This acquired knowledge and new competencies are used to provide always more for our clients.

Insurance Works Broker


We know that each sector has its own risks and different insurance needs and we believe that meeting these needs requires a specialization.Therefore, we build our team from respectable insurance experts with expertise on specific businesses and who are experienced in coming up with special solutions to specific sectors. Thus, our expertise and specialization enables us to increase operational productivity, to provide effective and preventative risk management counselling, and to form insurance programmes with the appropriate content and low costs. In doing so, we choose our business partners, amongst from insurance companies with expertise on specific fields and whom creates added value.


At Insurance Works, we do not take the service we provide to our customers as only to act as an agent in an insurance procurement but rather define it as designing an optimum insurance programme in line with the needs of our customers and to effectively manage the whole process from beginning to the end.

We talk to our customers, understand them and their businesses. We believe mutual information exchange with our customers is crucial for the defining of the insurance needs and forming the right insurance programme. We manage the processes of forming the coverage and the content of the insurance programme and obtaining quotations and proposals. We do get support from our business partners abroad when if needed. We execute and manage the negotiations with various insurance companies specialized on the coverage we seek and we obtain the widest insurance coverage with the most favorable costs and thus, we finalize the optimum insurance programme for you.

Even after finalizing of the insurance programme, we continue to provide counseling service to our clients on risk prevention and risk mitigation. Therefore, we share with our clients the sectoral analyses and reports determining the common reasons of the damages. We suggest ideas and projects for reducing the damage frequency and the magnitude of the damages. Additionally, we organize trainings and seminars for the employees of the client to create an awareness on this matter.
In case of a claim or in other words when the damage occurs, we know that the reimbursement of the damage/loss and maintaining the continuity of the business is the top priority and the expectation of our clients. . In case of a damage, we actively manage the damage reimbursement process and take the necessary steps before the relevant insurance company, manage the negotiations and take all necessary actions to have the losses of our customer met on time and in full.