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Insurance Works Broker

We determine the risk factors and risk prioritization of your business through a detailed risk assessment process.After concluding their analysis, our experts provide special insurance solutions based on the optimization of your resources,to prevent and mitigate the risks your business are exposed to.

  • By examining your company and analyzing your operations, we understand your business processes.
  • We determine the risks your business may encounter and draft a risk profile report special to these risks.
  • Through detailed analysis, we rank the risk priorities of your company and determine the insurance needs to cover these risks and the precautions to prevent or mitigate.
  • The insurance needs are modelled by our experts into an insurance programme and is submitted to the client for their final evaluation along with our proposal.
  • Upon our client’s approval and mandate, we determine the insurance companies both local and abroad which are specialized and capable of providing the technical content of the modelled insurance programme with a reasonable premium.
  • Contacting with the determined insurance companies,our team communicates and discusses the technical features (coverages, clauses, limits, excess etc.) and carry on the negotiations to achieve the appropriate coverage and cost.
  • Cooperating with different insurance companies , we aim to get numerous proposals with various contents that enable us to provide alternative insurance solutions and choices for our clients. Our professionalism in managing this whole process additionally helps us to achieve a certain level of competitiveness.
  • A comparative analysis of the alternative proposals, based on technical content and cost, are then presented to the client together with a report including our suggestions and evaluations.
  • The documentation and the issuance process of the policies by the insurance company is guided and monitored by our professionals, as well as the formation of the payment schedule. After a careful and detailed control of the content of the policies by our technical departments, we organize the delivery of the policies to our clients.
  • In case an insured risk results with a damage, we know that the rapid and full reimbursement of the damage/loss and the continuity of their business is the priority of our client which in our business approach is one of the main responsibilities of Insurance Works as a broker.
  • We take the initiative and manage the claim process actively from the beginning to the end in order to achieve a fair, quick and full reimbursement of the client’s loss.
  • We take steps before the relevant insurance company, negotiate all matters related to the damage with the insurance company and take all necessary actions to have the losses of our customer reimbursed on time and in full and with the most effective conditions.
  • As an important instrument of our Effective Claim Management, we regularly consult our customers to take the necessary actions to prevent and mitigate the risks they are exposed.
  • We provide our clients with sectoral analysis and reports, determining the common risk factors and common causes of the damages and also including our suggestions and projects to reduce the frequency and magnitude of the damages.
  • By organizing workshops and training sessions for the staff of our clients, we aim to achieve a certain level of awareness about the risk factors and possible damages.


Paralel to the rapid growth and development of world trade and economy and especially insurance sector in particular, insurance practices are becoming more diversified and complex. This diversification and complexity may give rise to some grey areas about the scope of the insurance and the risks covered,and the rules of the claim process and thus may lead to a legal dispute between the insurance company and the insured.

As Insurance Works, we support our clients in solving the legal disputes resulting from insurance agreements, take support from the lawyers with expertise on insurance law that we work with and provide that the disputes result in favor of our customers.

We benefit from the opinions and recommendations of insurance expert lawyers at every stage of our insurance counselling and thus aim to prevent our customers from encountering possible disputes.